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Virtual Therapy

During this time, many mental health professionals have switched to a secure platform to be able to continue to provide support to clients and the community. Employing this form of technology definitely has its advantages and disadvantages. Do you think virtual therapy is right for you? Here are some things to consider helping you decide. At Exalted Mind & Wellness, we had switched over to phone/video sessions in early March due to the increased threat of the pandemic. At first, many clients initially decided to put their therapy on pause, until things cleared up again; and a general feeling of discomfort of virtual sessions. However, some that have given it a go find it to be quite valuable! Some advantages for you include: · Flexible hours · Comfort of your own home · It can offer a more relaxed feel, and safety of environment. · Physical limitations · Weather conditions · Potential to receive reduced fees · Scheduling and increased therapist availability · Overall convenience and accessibility · Increased therapeutic relationship · Save time and resources to drive to the office If you would like to give video/telephone sessions a try, feel free to contact us. We would be more than happy to connect and support you! 

Hope you enjoyed this read! Remember let’s stay safe and healthy; and overcome this challenge together! 

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