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❄️ What is S.A.D? ❄️

What is S.A.D?

S.A.D stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder. It is characterized by a depressive state in colder months. S.A.D is a reality that is especially important in today’s current situation facing COVID-19.

The cause of S.A.D is primarily linked to shorter daylight hours, resulting in a shift in our biological internal clocks. While we can’t control seasons or current pandemics, there are many options to deal with S.A.D.

Tips on dealing with S.A.D include:

• Counselling & therapy

• Light therapy

• Regular sleep schedule

• Regular exercise

Examples can include:

• Going for a walk during the day,

• Installing bright lights

• Booking an appointment with a therapist.

If you feel the effects of S.A.D, book an appointment with us at (647)-930-7015 or

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