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Coping during COVID-19

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

The last couple weeks have been a roller coaster for the whole world. As humans, we are just trying to wrap our head around the constant daily changes that are even evolving hour by hour. We have been required to practice physical distancing, self-isolation and been quarantined for the last couple weeks and it has finally been getting to you? Do you feel like things have been at a halt and you've just been stuck at home and have had nothing to look forward to? Have things just been “blah” and are you starting to feel trapped, or lost in the midst of it and can’t recall what day it is? Well, here are some tips to help you cope during this challenging, uncertain period of time! Stay Connected with Loved Ones/Support System We have been asked to practice social distancing, but the true term for this is actually physical distancing. Now more than ever is a crucial time to connect with our loved ones and support system to check on each other. Spread love and positivity during this difficult time and ensure to keep connections and human interactions strong, even though they may not be physical, technology has played a huge role in this uncertain time to keep us together. Further, take the time to connect with a professional: a mental health counsellor or psychotherapist if you’re feeling stressed/anxious during this time, and haven’t been able to connect with a support system. Set a Schedule Try your best to stick to a schedule! Of course, this schedule may look very different then your previous schedule before COVID-19; however do your best to try to have some form of consistency in your days. This will help you feel a new sense of normalcy and will allow you to feel a better sense of accomplishment towards tasks. For e.g. set a consistent bedtime/wake up time to allow you to have a regular sleep routine, create a dedicated time to get work done (for e.g. 10am to 1pm is work/chores). This will also promote positive behaviours and a routine to provide a little more normalcy and sense of control over the situation, and you can control- which is your actions! Prioritize Self-Care We are so busy in our day-to-day lives that we often forget about an important factor in our well-being, Self-Care! Use this downtime to make yourself a priority, so we can all come out of this as the best version of ourselves! Research has clinically proven that individuals who practice self-care, demonstrated positive benefits such as: increased ability to cope, stress reduction, increase ability to make decisions, and enhanced enjoyment of life (Lev & Owen, 1996). Take some time to get moving, do a home workout, yoga/stretches to get your body moving! Our gyms have been closed for the last few weeks, and our bodies have also been at a halt; take the time to appreciate your body and take care of it. Read a book, start a new hobby, start a skincare routine, take a walk (while maintaining physical distancing of course)- do something that brings you joy and satisfaction! Also, keep your brain stimulated- some of us may not have work currently or school, but it is vital to keep our brains going and engaged. There are plenty of free resources online, including puzzles, online courses, reading, virtual museums, podcasts etc. Hope you enjoyed this read! Remember let’s stay safe and healthy; and overcome this challenge together! 


Lev, E. L., & Owen, S. V. (1996). A measure of self‐care self‐efficacy. Research in nursing & health, 19(5), 421-429.


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