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Let’s talk about the stigma of mental illness; many feel that this is way worse than having mental health issues. Think of how you grew up, and the environment you were in. Did that affect the way you view mental illness and the stigma associated with it? Not only do individuals with mental health concerns have to face forms of their symptoms on a daily basis, not they also have to cope with society’s views of them. This can be increasingly challenging to manage and cope with on a day to day basis, along with various symptoms one may face, such as: depression, loss of motivation, anxiety, panic attacks, mania, obsessive compulsive behaviours, psychosis etc. Let’s be honest, the stigma of mental illness is still very much existent in the world and in the community around you. This can make individuals more vulnerable to internalizing their feelings and mental health conditions, which only causes them to become worse and negatively affects their overall well-being. Looking at this from a culturally sensitive perspective as well, some individuals have to face their families, friends and peers regarding their mental health and are encountered with stereotypical beliefs and further stigma. This can cause the same negative physiological affects as a physical illness onto their mental health…. Yet it is still not viewed as one? Mental health concerns are just as powerful; they can leave one overwhelmed, a loss of self-esteem and self-worth, lack of motivation, an inability to perform daily tasks…. The list goes on. Now let’s add more to that, the views and opinions of others labeling; believing that these individuals are “lazy”,  “crazy”, “no good”, “can never do things right” etc. This only heightens the negative feels that are already being experienced, and causes more harm. Labels as such tend to propagate the stigma associated with mental health and cause individuals to internalize their mental health and the stigma; hence, it is a continuous vicious cycle.

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